How to Use Walls in an Outdoor Space

Hardscapes aren’t just pavers underfoot. Hardscape walls can be used in outdoor spaces in many ways, from decorative walls to seating walls, retaining walls and garden walls. Plus, many times a wall can serve as more than just one of these functions.

Decorative Walls
Wall block can be used in a number of decorative ways to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space. Ask your Belgard Authorized Contractor how you can use wall block to create a custom fireplace or fire pit, a custom piece built to fit your grill, or how walls can help define a space.

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Seating Walls
Seating walls are a great way to add additional seating for your outdoor space. We love curved seating walls around the fire pit – perfect for large groups and entertaining. Outdoor pillows can add a cozy, decorative element.

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Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are an attractive solution for hilly landscapes and can provide added curb appeal when used in the front of the home.

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Garden Walls
Wall block can also be used to create garden areas. Garden walls using Belgard block give your garden structure and style.

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Privacy Walls
For homeowners looking for some extra privacy in their outdoor space, consider adding a privacy wall to rebuff inquisitive eyes and traveling noise.

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4 Comments on “How to Use Walls in an Outdoor Space”

  1. paea tasini says:

    How can someone become a certified installer

  2. Donna Cruz says:

    I love u guys

  3. Pauline says:

    Without erecting the traditional four walls and roof, outdoor living space can be easily added to large, small, twin or town homes. Enhancing an outdoor space with hardscapes adds value and can be adapted for multiple uses. And a good landscape design can also enhance your entire outdoor space and you can get landscaping ideas here

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